Exchange of Gifts: The Vision of Simon Barrington-Ward

edited by Graham Kings & Ian Randall
Foreword by the Archbishop of Canterbury

Explores the range of concerns and lives Simon Barrington-Ward touched as a contemporary witness to an historic faith, and the inspiration his example offers in facing an uncertain future.

January 2022, PB, 232pp, 234 x 156 mm 978-1-7397551-0-2 £14.99, US$19.99, €17.49, CAN$25.49, AUS$27.99
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Letters to a Broken Church

edited by Janet Fife and Gilo

Drawing on the personal experience of survivors of abuse and their allies, Letters to a Broken Church speaks directly into the existential abuse crisis facing the Church of England and other Christian denominations.

July 2019, PB, 196pp, 229 x 152 mm 978-0-9932942-6-6 £11.99, US$16.99, €15.49, CAN$23.49, AUS$22.49
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Hope Rediscovered: Biblical Wisdom for an Anxious World

by David Atkinson
Foreword by Archbishop Rowan Williams

Social and economic inequality, sustainable development, environmental damage and climate change: these issues all raise deep moral and spiritual questions about who we are, our destiny, how we flourish, and what we hope for. Using the Gospel of John, this book, by Bishop David Atkinson, is about being re-oriented in the face of such challenges.

June 2018, PB, 230pp, 229 x 152 mm 978-0-9932942-1-1 £12.99, US$19.99, €15.49, CAN$25.00, AUS$25.00
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Words Out of Silence

by Jill Segger

Quietness and conflict, life and death, place and memory, politics and pity, friendship and peace. Jill Segger weaves a tapestry of poetry and prose that takes us on journeys of personal transformation set against (and responsive to) the backdrop of turmoil in the world around us.

May 2019. PB. 174pp. 229 x 152 mm. 978-0-9932942-8-0 £11.99. US$16.99. €15.49. CAN$23.49. AUS$22.49
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Keeping Faith With Hope: The Challenge of Israel-Palestine

by Harry Hagopian

Expertly gathering together dispatches and commentary, Dr Harry Hagopian, international lawyer, independent diplomat and engaged ecumenist, opens up new paths for understanding what is going on in Israel–Palestine and offers sustainable possibilities of peace with justice.

May 2019,PB, 164pp, 229 x 152 mm 978-0-9932942-7-3 £11.99, US$16.99, €15.49, CAN$23.49, AUS$22.49
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Football’s Faithful Fans

edited by Iain Whyte

Football is nothing without fans, whose commitment has been likened to religious devotion. This entertaining book features contributions from clergy and others from different backgrounds who follow Scottish football. It is a lively insight into ‘fan psychology’ – the book supports African development projects through the Homeless World Cup.

July 2019, PB, 110pp, 229 x 152 mm 978-1-9161733-0-9 £9.99. US$12.00. €11.00. CAN$17.00. AUS$17.50
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