Hope Rediscovered

Biblical Wisdom for an Anxious World

by David Atkinson – with a Foreword by Archbishop Rowan Williams

Among the many causes of anxiety in today’s world are global concerns to do with social and economic inequality, the imperative of sustainable development, and the link between the damage we are causing the natural environment and climate change. These raise human – that is, moral and spiritual – questions about who we are, our destiny, how we can be helped to flourish, and what we hope for.

Hope Rediscovered is about being re-oriented in the face of such challenges. Bishop David Atkinson, who has an abiding interest in Christian ethics, pastoral theology and science, has put some key questions to the Gospel of John – a text which says much about human flourishing (‘life in fullness’), and which draws heavily on Wisdom themes from the Hebrew Bible about understanding our human place in creation, and about practical living.

Like his followers, Jesus was beset with conflicts within ‘the world’. The first-century Christian community, to which the Gospel was first addressed, discovered how to live hopefully in the way of Wisdom, energized by God’s Spirit. The focus of this timely book is deep, practical wisdom for a troubled world.

June 2018
PB, 230pp, 229 x 152 mm
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Bishop David Atkinson undertook research in organic chemistry before being ordained into the Church of England and serving as Fellow and Chaplain of Corpus Christi, College, Oxford. He was a Canon Residentiary at Southwark Cathedral and Archdeacon of Lewisham, becoming Bishop of Thetford in 2001. He retired in 2009.

David Atkinson’s Hope Rediscovered is a treasure-trove of wise insights and thoughtful reflection. It is a learned book, but never a dryly academic one; it is theologically sophisticated but communicated straightforwardly with vivid and often unexpected illustrations. Addressing our current ecological crises can be depressing and gloomy, but this book manages to be starkly realistic and yet genuinely hopeful. I greatly enjoyed it and was stimulated to think more deeply and act differently.
Dave Bookless, Director for Theology, Churches and Sustainable Communities, A Rocha International

David Atkinson’s book is a necessary dose of encouragement for Christians. It portrays a faithful hope which is both biblically rooted and engaged with both some of the most important challenges facing us as people and as local and world communities.
Bernadette Meaden, Ekklesia Associate and researcher

The wise driver is not the one who knows why the road bends but the one who knows how to negotiate a winding road. Iin this book David Atkinson is such a driver as he applies the wisdom of God to finding hope for the world. In these pages he earths the wisdom of God in the humanity of Jesus as his life unfolds in the Gospel of John. If you’re given to underlining get your pen ready to mark these pages as there are many original insights to treasure.
Bishop James Jones, former Anglican Bishop of Liverpool

A book that weaves its way helpfully between environmental reflection and the Gospel of John. David Atkinson will encourage you to read John in a new and hopeful way. Recommended reading for Christian environmentalists who want to go a bit deeper.
Dr Martin Hodson, Operations Director, The John Ray Initiative

The biblical wisdom issues in a radical call to social and personal change. At the heart of of the Christian message lies both hope and challenge.
Savitri Hensman, Christian writer and activist working in the voluntary sector