Ekklesia is an independent network promoting transformative ideas about beliefs, ethics and politics. Our roots are in Christian social thought, but people of other convictions (religious and non-religious) are important partners. Our aim is to promote justice, peace and sustainability for people and planet. To this end, Ekklesia is a ‘theatre for ideas’, combining reflection, action, arts and culture.

Project catchment areas:

  • Small Acts of Hope
  • Emotionally Intelligent Politics
  • Negotiating Just Futures
  • Rethinking Our Beliefs
  • Reclaiming Democratic Space
  • Theatre for Ideas


  • Revamped, simplified and more visual website (including new commentators and news briefs) – linked to revamped social media
  • Book and report publishing – main income driver
  • Collaborative events and festivals (like Solas)
  • Media promotions


  • Publishing income
  • Ambassadors (Patreon)
  • Crowdfunding
  • Investors
  • Grants and fees



  • Freelance director
  • Associates and contributors